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Buying meat animals - Rich Forrest (Del Norte, co)
Posted 04/17/2015
We buy meat animals or culls anywhere in the country. Turn those culls to cash.
Drill pipe for fence posts - Randy Nielsen (Richmond , utah)
Posted 04/16/2015
I have a bunch of 2 3/8" and 2 7/8" drill pipe available. I used this on my elk ranch works great no rotten or broken posts! I can cut pipe to any length needed as well. 2 3/8" pipe $35 2 7/8" #45 31' lengths discount on large quantities.
Looking for used hydraulic chute for elk - John Wright (Hebron, In)
Posted 04/13/2015
Looking for good used hydraulic chute for elk, located in northwest Indiana
WTB: Elk Cows and Corsican Sheep - Joe Thompson (Callaway, Minnesota)
Posted 04/11/2015
Looking to buy 4 ccowElk august. Also Corsican Rams and Ewes! Call (218)375-3465
WTB: Elk - Joe Thompson (Callaway, Minnesota)
Posted 04/03/2015
Looking for 4-5 cows and 2 bulls Call (218)375-3465 In MN or 200 miles from Detroit Lakes MN
Wanting to buy hydraulic squeeze - Ken Branine (Harrold , SD)
Posted 03/28/2015
Looking for hydraulic squeeze, preferably an Elk Rite 2200 or Kiwi Ultimate.
Site Barrier 9ft. x 100ft. new 75% - Lyndon Sutcliffe (Mason City , IA)
Posted 03/25/2015
For Sale Shade Cloth/Windscreen, dark green,new very durable. long life. Great for alley ways,working areas or shade. 9ft. x 100ft. $180 per roll
Looking for 10-20 breed cows - Chad (Gainesville, Florida)
Posted 03/25/2015
Title says it all. Shoot me an email, preferably. Looking for outstanding genetics.

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