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The Elk & Bison Company, LLC was founded in 1995 and is owned by Steve Wolcott and his wife, Linda Lindsey. The company initially put on numerous elk and bison auctions. Because of demand, Elk & Bison quickly became a one-stop shopping location for specialty supplies and equipment for elk farmers and ranchers. The company offered one of the first cubicle systems that did not require onsite welding. Steve designed a manual squeeze for his own use and it quickly became a best seller because of its many benefits. The Elk and Bison Co designs and builds all of its handling systems on the ranch in western Colorado.

Steve Wolcott is a known expert in the elk industry. He and his wife, Linda Lindsey, have been raising elk since 1985. He has been president of North American Elk Breeders Association, the Colorado Elk and Game Breeders Association, a member of the Colorado Alternative Livestock Board, the US Animal Health Association and the Elk Research Council. He is quite well known and spends time on the phone every day helping others in the elk business.

Elk Image The Elk & Bison Co. Bison Image
(970) 527-4586
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We have been forced to raise some prices because of the extreme rise in the cost of steel. It has doubled in some cases. We have been told to expect further price increases. The price on the Velvet Tub manual squeeze is now $5200. You will need to call us for a current price. We have some pasture gates and cubicle components in stock, as well as steel for these items that we purchased before the price of steel went up, so those prices won't change until the stock is gone. Fencing has been affected. We have not raised prices on wire we have in stock, but it is almost gone. We have been able to find some good deals on tightlock wire in 500 ft rolls. Call for current prices.

Woven Wire

Tightlock Wire

8' high with 20 horizontal wires, with your choice of vertical line at 6 or 12 inches. Horizontal lines are 3-3 1/2" apart at bottom and 7" apart at the top providing predator and calf control in the lower area.

8' - 20 line - 6" x 330' - Approximately 400 lb. Call for Current Price & Volume Discounts

8' - 20 line - 12" x 330 - Approximately 285 lb. Call for Current Price & Volume Discounts

Picture of Fence


Pasture Gates

* 1 3/4-inch welded steel tubing 18g
* 7' 6" high, 10 bars
* Includes hinges & chain latch

Choice of:
4' long - $95
8' long - $175
10' long - $200
12' long - $220
14' long - $240
16' long - $250

Gate with Elk


Steel Posts

Used oil field pipe in your choice of 2 3/8" or 2 7/8" OD. Comes in approximately 31 foot lengths ready for you to cut to your desired size.

Call for prices

Pressure Treated Wood Posts

12' wood posts with 4" - 5" tops

Other sizes available, call for prices

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Handling Systems:

State of the Art Cubicle System
Nothing works better than a cubicle system for
ease of handling, reducing stress on elk and you.
Animals stand quietly, move quickly and easily.

Elk in Facility
The Elk & Bison Co. system offers these advantages:

  • Components--swing gates, slide gates, and panels, are interchangeable and pin together on site, no welding required.  Wood inserts reduce noise, keep elk calm.
  • We will help you custom design to fit your barn, your herd, your special needs.  Systems can be easily re-configured as you move or expand.
  • Simple, heavy-duty latches on bow gates, with positive safety latch.  No tight tolerances to get mis-aligned.
  • Quiet, easy rollers on slide gates.
  • Works with manual or hydraulic squeezes.



Basic System Includes "Velvet Tub"
(using your barn walls as the back of the cubicles)

Component Prices:

6' Swing Gate - $250
8' Swing Gate - $270
6' Slide Gate - $380
8' Slide Gate - $435
6' Panel - $135
8' Panel - $160
Tie Pipes - $15

Basic System Price: $7,900

Prices quoted are painted, without wood. FOB Paonia, CO.

These components pin together without welding. The basic
system shown above is one possible configuration. Systems
can be smaller, larger, shaped differently depending on the
space you have and the size of your herd. You can start
small and easily expand as your herd grows.
We will be glad to discuss your particular needs and help
design a system to suit your specific situation.

Call (970) 527-4586, ask for Steve


"The Velvet Tub" Manual Squeeze

New Product Price $5200.00 FOB Paonia, CO
* Affordable, to protect you and your investment!
* Handles hard antler and velvet antler bulls with ease & safety.
* Velvet bulls without drugs.
* Works great for AI, palpation, pulling calves, vaccinations, semen collection, TB testing, worming, etc.
* Needs no power, one or two person operation.
* Pads guaranteed for 3 years
* Easy to load, animals not reluctant to enter or re-enter.
* Access doors both sides.
* This is the only squeeze you need!


Fence Supplies:
All prices FOB Paonia, Colorado and subject to change without notice.

 Fence Clamp on FenceSteel Fence Clamps
Grips entire height of wire mesh fence for accurate easy tensioning. No nuts or bolts. Just drive wedges into grip wire and drive out when finished. Pull wire tight with Long Chain Strainer at the top, bottom, and middle.


 Kiwi Gate Latch
The original direct from New Zealand complete with large staple to drive into post. Open and close with one gloved hand, but even your smartest animal can't open.


 Wire CuttersHigh Tensile Wire Cutters
One-handed bolt cutters.  Hardened jaws. 6-inch handles. 1yr. warranty on jaws against breakage. Easily cuts high tensile wire. Fits in your pocket.


Shade Cloth
Use this material on fences where animals are being pressured to prevent them from hitting the fence.  Woven material resists tears.
100 ft. roll X 6 ft. - $200
Power Wire Twister
Are you sore and tired from tying off that stiff high tensile wire fencing? Want to do the job faster? This amazing tool with your 3/8" cordless drill makes quick work of this tedious task.
Steel Post Ties
Galvanized tie wires, cut & performed to attach fencing to steel pipe posts. Special drill bit in your 3/8" cordless drill twists these ties quick and tight.

$0.20/ tie for 2 3/8 posts
$0.23/ tie for 2 7/8 posts
$60 for bit


Electronic Scales:

We now carry a scale mad in the U.S.A.

  • Stainless steel load cell "feet" are extremely durable and low profile
  • Can accommodate any size platform
  • Resolution to .5 lb.
  • Automatic calibration
  • Large digital readout
  • Damaged wires can be repaired easily by owner
  • Runs off 120 V ac.
  • Battery pack available
  • 1 yr. Warranty
Prices: $1365-includes 4 load cells, cables, digital readout.
           Rechargeable battery pack $95


Mastercard and Visa Accepted
All Prices are subject to change
without notice and
shipping is FOB Paonia, CO

Let us know what other products you would like to see

Elk Image The Elk & Bison Co. Bison Image
Box 147
Paonia, CO 81428
Phone - (970) 527-4586

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