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Raising Dorothy, a Bottle-Fed Elk Calf
Part 5: Letting Them Be ELK

By Patsy Davis Dyar
Mad Hatter Ranch

Dorothy is now three weeks old and weighs about 75lbs. She is eating four times per day with a daily total of up to 200 oz. I don't worry if she skips a meal as most of them do occasionally. Her stools have been normal (firm pellets) since the first week of adjustment. It is time for her to go live with the elk!

We have a 4-acre pasture with eight of our heifers and their new calves. All are cows that we have raised and that accept my presence there with them and their babies. For the past week Dorothy (and Elvis) and I have been going for walks and visiting this herd.

After I put Dorothy and Elvis in this pen, I will continue to feed them, of course, but will try to limit my association with them to just feeding unless there is a problem. I say, "try" because I am always tempted to really make pets of these babies. They are so cute and funny now. I have learned, however, that they will do better in the long run if they can spend most of their time with other elk.

This is the final chapter in the story of this bottle-fed calf. Many thanks to Patsy Davis Dyar and Mad Hatter Ranch for sharing the experience. To ask questions about calving elk or to share your experiences, join in the wapiti forum.

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