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TV SHOW: Elk, Monarch of the Forest

The documentary, "Elk, Monarch of the Forest" aired on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) on Sunday, December 5. This tastefully executed, half-hour show explained why elk are raised as livestock. The film covered all of the main markets for elk: velvet, hard antlers, hunting ranches, meat, and breeding stock.

Doug Copsey, most commonly known as host of the monthly PBS series, "Outdoor Idaho", narrated the show. He visited three different ranches in North America and interviewed their owners. Pepi Langegger, owner of Twin Creek Game Ranch, talked about his operation, why he first bought elk, and how his business has changed over time.

This documentary was produced by a group of elk ranchers calling themselves the North American Council for Elk Ranching, which was formed for the explicit purpose of creating an educational film about the raising of elk for profit.

If you missed this show, you may yet be able to see it. The Outdoor Life Network has already picked it up for at least one more showing but the date has not yet been announced. If you want to see it, be certain to call OLN and let them know. That may encourage them to air it again multiple times. If you did see it and you liked it, also be certain to call them. 1-800-OUTDOOR.



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